Introducing Wanda

Wanda is popularly interpreted as "wanderer".
We aim to provide a platform to guide you to the right path in this journey of Computer Science.

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Why Wanda Vision?

Life could be perfect when it's made just for you!

We all become really busy with what can feel like the relentless demands of academic study and life. Many of us recognise the privilege we have to access education, but that is little comfort when we feel isolated and despondent. Wanda is built on the idea to decrease isolation and motivate us all not only to progress our work but know we can do so while our simple presence supports others. We are not alone.

What we offer?
  • The Scarlett Witch (The Study Room)
  • Nexus (The Resourceful Potions)
  • Vision (The AI-powered Bot)

What is certain, is that one small action in the world has a definite ripple effect. So we all perhaps need to be more active.

The Scarlett Witch

Effective study groups can help students learn course material in a deeper, more concrete way. Groups that are effective generate positive energy, encourage active participation, instill discipline, and require commitments from members. These skills are certainly important for learning. Just like connecting the Marvel Universe, Scarlett Witch will help you connect with the right people and make your study efficient.


To keep yourself in the race for this ever-growing field, you need to keep on learning every day. You can find multiple sources to master these languages, from blogs to guides, ebooks to best YouTube channels to learn to program, and much more other mediums. Nexus is perfect place for individuals who are nascent to the field and want to learn the new tools and technologies but are confused how to proceed further.


As an evolving field of study at the forefront of technological progress and innovation, computer science is a topic with tremendous significance in industry and academia. Getting stuck in programming is quite normal for all the developers. If you are ever stuck somewhere, we've always got a Vision for you!
"I just feel you."


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